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The road to Rocamadour - GR6

The commune of Lacapelle-Marival is one of the points of passage on one of the branches of the pilgrimage routes leading to Santiago de Compostela. A circuit at Lacapelle-Marival has been set up for people wishing to discover the villages in the Lot département in the Occitanie region.
One of the special features of the Lacapelle-Marival route is that you get to see some beautiful countryside before reaching the end of the route in Lacapelle-Marival. Over a distance of around 23 kilometres, you'll pass through woods, meadows and green hills before reaching the end of the route at Lacapelle-Marival.
The route to Lacapelle-Marival is signposted by the GR 6 footpath markers. If you follow them, the markers indicating the route to Lacapelle-Marival will lead you straight to this charming village, which will welcome you with open arms.

For pilgrims the world over, walking is an exceptional physical challenge. But within each pilgrim lies a personal challenge that is not shared by any other pilgrim. That's what makes the pilgrimage so special. One pilgrim will be paying tribute to a loved one who has passed away, another pilgrim will be setting himself a sporting challenge, and yet another will want to prove to himself that he is quite simply capable. We look forward to meeting you and perhaps sharing a little of your story with you.

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