Located 20 km northwest of Figeac, Lacapelle-Marival is located in the centre of Limargue, a narrow, rich and green plain with clay, limestone and sandstone subsoil that stretches along the Padirac area and from its chasm to the north to those of Figeac in the south.

You will discover the 13th century Château de LACAPELLE MARIVAL belonging to the Seigneurie Cardaillac. Since 1939, it has been classified as a historical monument.

To visit, there is also the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, in neo-Gothic style. Its nave, separated by large circular pillars, is surrounded by 10 small chapels nestled between the buttresses.

Leaving the campsite on foot, you are 5 minutes away from the village which offers you an arrows circuit (found by keys) which allows you to discover the medieval structure of this one. the sandstone of the houses gives a southern aspect.

And to finish, this magnificent body of water below the campsite, the Merlival, you can take a walk or venture for a hike and go up to the Bois- Bordet to discover pleasant views of the Château and its surroundings.

Enjoy your visit!

Lacapelle-Marival, to see, to do

The Château: Classified as a Historic Monument, it is now an exhibition place.
The Halle
The Maison aux Pigeonniers: characteristic of the 19th century manor house.
La Grange Quercynoise: stable barn on two levels.
La Maison du Moulin: Typical house of the Ségala with its "plancadou" (floor where one used to build a house)
Dry chestnuts, beans or corn.
The Old Well.
The Church: Our Lady of the Assumption was built in 1575.

  • Le château de Lacapelle-Marival est classé aux monuments historiques - chateau de lacapelle marival
    Camping Occitanie : Château
    Le château de Lacapelle-Marival est classé aux monuments historiques
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